Gilded Craft

Information about the mods in Gilded Craft can be found in this wiki. Use the search bar in the upper right to find pages, or navigate to them using the organization sections below. This wiki is not complete, please fill in the information you know. If you find an item, mob, biome, or dimension that is not present, create a new page, and properly add it to the organized lists. If you find a red link related to information you know, please complete the page. It is recommended that you make an account so that you can easily comment on a page or make additions to the wiki.

Navigating The Wiki

At the top of the wiki are 2 tab, "On the Wiki" and "Content". Going to the Content tab makes 5 drop down menus available, Mods, Blocks, Items, Mobs, and Dimensions. Clicking on the menu title will take you to a page with all of the items under that list in alphabetical order. Here there is an expandable menu called Contents. Expanding the menu will present a list that allow you to jump to a certain part of the page, to the mods beginning with the letter M for example. Everything in the list has a link, and will take you to a page with information about the item if it is available. If you instead look at the options under the drop down menu, you will see that you are able to jump straight to a certain part of the page with the list. These menus are available on any page of the wiki.

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